1725 V. BLOCK

August 26th, 2009 The firm recently prevailed at the Appellate Division, helping secure rights for rent-stabilized tenants in a non-eviction co-op to have a companion animals. 1725 v. Block. The Appellate Division ruled that under the three-month rule (§27-2009.1 of the Administrative Code of the City of New York) the knowledge of on-site employees that provide services to both co-op unit owners and rent-regulated tenants alike is sufficient to trigger a waiver of a no-pet clause and allow the rent-regulated tenants to keep their companion animal. The case cited the firm’s argument that the General Business Law §352-eeee, concerning managing agents in a non-eviction co-op, supports a finding that the knowledge of the on-site employees in a co-op triggers a waiver for regulated tenants under §27-2009.1. The rent-stabilized tenants in Block hired Vernon & Ginsburg, LLP after a defeat in the lower court. Our firm prevailed in appeals at both the Appellate Term and Appellate Division.